Benny Charles

When he’s not transferring his boundless story ideas from brain to keyboard, Benny is a bar manager and Alex’s loyal travel companion. He loves film, music, literature, video games, and basically any other outlet for turning pain into productivity. If broken down into his base elements, he would be composed of 65% imagination, 25% heavy music, 7% disappointment at the failings of mankind, 2% common sense, and 1% pure stubbornness.

Benny Charles and Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson

If galavanting around the world, eating to excess without consequence, and booping dogs was a career path, Alex would have picked that. In the absence of such a choice, she can usually be found polishing Benny’s rough drafts, plying her trade as a pastry chef, or taking a year off here and there to answer the call of her wanderlust. If broken down into her base elements, she would be composed of 50% song lyrics, movie quotes, and dessert recipes, 25% sarcasm and disdain, 14% unwilling compromise, 10% spite, and 1% insistence that Oxford commas are necessary.